Sustainable Solutions

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Sustainability and profitability go hand-in-hand. Ewing is dedicated to helping you create a business and landscapes that thrive by offering products that contribute to sustainable landscapes. Sustainability is at the core of what we do every day, helping connect people with the outdoors—a park, a backyard, a community garden, a golf course and other green spaces. Our Sustainable Solutions can help grow your company’s bottom line.

Sustainable Solutions for Your Business

Aquasmart Pro logo

AquaSmart PRO: Maintaining Moisture

AquaSmart PRO is a super absorbent polymeric sand that holds up to 12 times its weight in water, gradually releasing it to nearby plant roots. It keeps moisture accessible in the soil long after the surface dries, allowing for the reduction of watering frequencies while keeping your grass and plants healthy and green. AquaSmart PRO helps your soil retain moisture and nutrients, while decreasing runoff and leaching.

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Baseline: Managing Irrigation Needs

Baseline Systems offer patented soil moisture sensors and two-wire technologies, intelligent irrigation controllers and powerful central and remote control platforms. These products help irrigation managers maintain healthier landscapes while reducing water use, labor costs and management time. Baseline controllers have received the EPA WaterSense Certification.

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Civitas Lawn: Killing Weeds a Different Way

CIVITAS WEEDfree BRAND™ Concentrate is a hybrid selective herbicide with no offensive odor, killing more than 60 listed broadleaf weeds with less active ingredients through Microtechnology+, which efficiently gets ingredients into the weeds. Reduce callbacks, cut labor costs and give your clients a weed-free lawn with Civitas.

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Holganix: Making Soil More Productive

Holganix biological solutions balance the soil’s ecosystem, build strong roots and grow healthier, more resilient plants. Holganix turns a small amount of fertilizer into the most effective plant treatment available by using an abundant and diverse community of beneficial microorganisms, biological food sources and organic additives. It can help reduce the use of fertilizer, pesticides and water and increases plant resilience to better tolerate water, disease and insect stress.

Mirimichi Green logo

Mirimichi Green: Feeding the Soil

Mirimichi Green products are designed for landscape professionals interested in using environmentally sustainable products that perform at the highest level. It fortifies soils with bio-acativated, carbon based soil enhancers. Mirimichi Green maintains turf and trees with carbon-based bio-stimulants. It manages invasive weeds with an organic, OMRI listed herbicide.

NV Earth Logo

NV EARTH: Protecting Engines and the Environment

NV Earth Lubricants and Cleaners are a SAFER alternative to traditional petroleum oils and petrochemical cleaners. Using state of the art bio-based chemistries, all professionals now have the option to reduce their exposure to harmful toxins and lower the impact of environmental pollution. NV EARTH Products are a direct replacement with 100% compatibility, are independently tested and offer a no compromise solution when going green.

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Tournesol Siteworks: Creating Urban Landscape Solutions

Specializing in products used for rooftop amenity spaces, Tournesol Siteworks manufactures lightweight, self-watering pots and planters for commercial applications as well as green wall systems.

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WeatherTRAK: Managing Water

WeatherTRAK products eliminate water waste and deliver operational savings to those in the landscape and irrigation industries by using their proven evapotranspiration (ET) weather data. These controllers have received the EPA WaterSense Certification. Combine them with flow products and cloud-based central management from HydroPoint for greater effectiveness.

Educational Opportunities

Ewing is a proud sponsor of several educational opportunities nationwide.

Holganix Bionutritional Summit

Holganix Bionutritional Summits

At the Holganix Bionutritional Summits, attendees can learn to harness the power of soil’s living biology with Holganix products. At each session, you’ll hear testimonials from contractors already using the products, explore sustainability trends and develop goals for green practices.

Irrigation Association logo

Irrigation Association

Irrigation Association is committed to promoting efficient irrigation and long-term sustainability of water resources for future generations. With online education resources, in-person classes and certifications, you’ll find an opportunity that fits your interests and schedule to help you grow as an industry professional. The Irrigation Association hosts the annual Irrigation Show & Education Conference, an opportunity to learn about the latest irrigation products and attend education and certification classes.

WaterSmart Innovations logo

WaterSmart Innovations

The WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition (WSI) is the largest urban water-efficiency conference of its kind in the world. Learn about water conservation, drought survival and more at this annual event.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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Along with acknowledging what Ewing has achieved over the past year, our annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report asserts our ongoing commitment to industry leadership with sustainability, employee wellbeing and community service at the core of how Ewing operates. Download the report, view highlights and learn how you can help.

Partners in Creating a Sustainable Future

Ewing partners with the following organizations that are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future. Learn more about these organizations and how you can get involved:

Change the Course logo

Change the Course

Change the Course brings together the public, corporations and on-the-ground conservation organizations to raise awareness about fresh water, reduce water footprints and restore flows and health to vital freshwater ecosystems.

EPA Watersense logo

EPA WaterSense

EPA WaterSense labels landscape irrigation controllers and recognizes irrigation professionals from certifying organizations such as the Irrigation Association, Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL), Texas Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors Program and Watershed Wise Landscape Professional (WWLP). WaterSense and its partners are committed to bringing water-efficient products to market, labeling new homes and spreading the word about the need for smart water use.

Water & Sustainability Innovation Award

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The Water & Sustainability Innovation Award was created to honor innovative projects that address sustainability challenges and water-efficiency, while contributing to a healthy environment, quality of life and a vital economy.

Click the button for the exciting announcement about our 2020 winner!

Community Outreach

Three Ewing employees painting sports field bench blue

Ewing’s commitment to sustainability and giving back to the community extends across the nation. From companywide projects to local grassroots efforts, Ewing’s community outreach efforts are central to our company culture. Learn about our community outreach efforts and how you can get involved in your community.

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Grow Your Business

Expand your scope of services with these add-on opportunities that are an integral part of a sustainable landscape.

Paver patio with curving edges

Permeable Pavers

A properly designed permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP) system can reduce the amount of surface runoff that can have a negative impact on water management, and can be combined with other water harvesting systems to provide site irrigation and other graywater uses. Get started on your next PICP project with Ewing, and get training and certification through the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute.

LED copper path light in planter bed

LED Lighting

Incorporating LED lighting into your sustainable landscape consumes less energy and minimizes maintenance and lamp replacement costs. With less wattage, you’re able to use less material for installation, meaning less wire, smaller gauge wire and smaller transformers. Ewing has what you need to get started in LED lighting.

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Urban Agriculture

There’s an emerging trend with growing your food locally. As urban environments are evolving, connecting people with their food, whether it’s community gardens or edible at-home landscaping, is growing in popularity. Ewing offers all of the irrigation and soil health components needed to start an urban garden.